About Pomquest

Pomquest has come about due to our love of Pomeranians and our desire to show and breed this amazing little dog for many years to come. We live in a rural area close to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We have many years background with breeding horses but since 2006 we became hooked on Poms! We bought our first registered purebred Pom from Sue and Daryl Morris of Winterspell Kennel after losing our adored non-registered pet Pom girl to a mystery illness at only 15 months of age. Spud (Winterspell Picollo) was born just 2 minutes down the road from us and we decided to go and have a look at him after answering an advertisement in the paper. Needless to say, it was love at first sight and it only took minutes to decide we wanted him. He was really only sold to us to be a much loved pet (though Sue and Daryl provided us with his papers) and initially we had no intention of showing him.  After attending a championship show at Durack with Sue and Daryl and watching Spud's older half sister and two of his littermates in the show ring we soon got the bug ourselves!  Spud's (and our) first show was as a Minor Puppy at Caboolture in January 2007 and that became the beginning of a wonderful journey in the breed...  We sincerely thank Sue and Daryl for starting us in the breed and since that day we have learnt so much through direct experience, advice from other breeders, as well as countless hours of studying the breed to gain the beginnings of a great future together in Poms.  We have been privileged to be asked to do some International Kennel Visits as magazine features and those articles contain much more on our formative years in the breed.